Imago Radiology




The proven ANTARIX II PLUS system is available in 3 versions:


  • IMX-3A tomographic unit
  • IMX-3B non-tomographic unit
  • IMX-3C only bucky table without column.

    It complies with safety requirements and it is easy to use.

    Technical features
  • Wide longitudinal and transversal run of table top at low absorption rate, controlled by an easy pedal below the table.
  • 180° rotating tube-column that moves parallel to the table on ground fixed double rail system to grant its good stability.
  • 220° rotation on its axis of telescopic tube-arm
  • Vertical run of tube arm blocked by electromagnetic brake.
  • The tomographic version is equipped with a microprocessor controlled digital control panel with display at liquid crystals.
  • The bucky uses cassettes from 13x18 to 35x43 cm.