Imago Radiology




CAPSENSE is the result of many years' experience in X-ray unit manufacturing. Intra oral dental unit, with very stable double bracket arm which allows a wide extension and has small dimensions when it is not used. Monobloc rotates 360° on its horizontal axis and 330° on its vertical one, thus making patient positioning easier. High technology unit with maximum security performance thanks to its microprocessor that determines the X-ray dose for each tooth according to the type of patient.

Technical features


  • with round shape, focal spot: 0,8x0,8 mm.
  • 2 mm Al equivalent filter
  • 70 kV 8 mA monobloc
  • Round cone collimator of 6 cm diameter
  • Focus Film Distance 20 cm.
  • Ψ 60 mm cylindric cone


• Electrical protection for overvoltage and short circuit on logic section.
• Triple safety (Starting relay, Triac and Fuse) on control section.
• Starting Relay : Max Contact 250Vac 50Hz 16A Max (10A in inductive load).
• Secondary Protection for automatic X-ray interruption.
• Relay for signal lamp: 1 NA-NC 250Vac 2A max. exchange contact
• Auxiliary relay for synchronous RVG: 1 exchange contact NA-NC 250Vac 2A max.
• Input for protection key on external switch.
• Frontal Leds for signaling functions and push buttons.
• Integrated acoustic signal.
• High-performance 16bit microprocessor.
• Internal button for configuration of operating parameters.
• Expansion connector for future implementations.


Available in wall mounted release with 40, 80, 110 cm extension arm, or on mobile stand.