Imago Radiology




General purpose, solid tilting table which has been designed in compliance with the most recent standards.
Silent smooth and counterbalanced movements with electromagnetic brakes.

Its typical features are:

  • Table top with longitudinal run of 60 cm (head-side) and 40 cm (foot-side) in order to make patient positioning and centring easier.
  • Tilting with progressive start and automatic stop in vertical, horizontal and Trendelenbourg positions.
  • Motorized electronic collimator
  • Electronic automatic Spot Film Device
  • Preset for cassettes from 18x24 to 35,6x35,6cm.
  • Servomotor for longitudinal movement of S.F.D.



  • Transversal movement of table top + 11 cm
  • Mounting kit for 6",9",12"I.I
  • Compression band
  • Shoulder-rest
  • Potter bucky, column, lateral cassette holder