Imago Radiology





Universal turnable column stand with cm 35x43 potter bucky with vibrating grid 103 lines per inch, R.10:1, manual light beam diaphragm.
Thanks to its small dimensions it can work in narrow rooms and can be matched with a mobile independent table. It can work in horizontally and vertically, with different intermediate positions. All manual movements are counterweight balanced with possibility to stop in every position by means of electromagnetic brakes controlled by switches on a push button panel, positioned on the rotating arm.

The X-ray tube (not included) and the potter bucky are centred at a variable focus film distance with a motorized movement.

Suitable for:


  • Thorax and abdominal examinations
  • Cephalometries
  • Vertebral column
  • Traumatology.

Technical features

  • motorized variable focal distance
  • manual rotation and manual vertical movement of bucky-tube arm
  • potter bucky with vibrating grid suitable for films from 13x18 to 35x43 cm
  • It can be matched with IMX-9A GO-PLAN ward table