Imago Radiology


Orientable vertical potter bucky


VERTICAL BUCKY with ORIENTABLE 35x43 cm potter bucky, motorized vibrating grid. The unit has a vertical chariot on which an inclinable bucky from vertical to horizontal position is positioned. All movement are balanced and locked by mechanical brakes. A scale enables the operator to perform more accurate examinations.

Suitable for:

  • X-ray of vertebral column.
  • Bone and lungs examinations.
  • Abdomen.
  • Cephalometries.


  • 24 V AC potter bucky
  • Counterweight balancing
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Preset for cassettes from 13x18 to 35x43 cm
  • Weight kg. 210 IMX-21 (with manual platform)
  • Weight Kg. 190 IMX-26 (without platform)


  • external cassette holder 
  • arm support device
  • neck stretcher
  • cephalometry attachment