Imago Radiology




Touch Sense (IMD-500 and IMD-500A) has an innovative touch screen control panel, especially suitable for the medical field, showing all features and information available to the operator
X-ray emission is very safe thanks to an X-ray confirmation push button and a coiled cable which extends up to 5 m thus permitting to operate in conditions of maximum security.
In case of malfunctions Touch Sense automatically interrupts power circuitry and it also has a function of active protection to prevent monobloc overheating in case of exposure cycles too close one another. The computational power of Touch Sense allows you to manage exposure time according to mains power supply, by implementing a precise mains line automatic compensation. PAM Technology electronic control allows to adjust emission power according to the type of monobloc.
Touch Sense has a synchronised RVG signal and an expansion port for future implementations.