Imago Radiology




Veterinary equipment very simple and easy to use. It is composed of a fixed column and a table with 4 ways floating table-top. Transversal and longitudinal movements are locked by electromagnetic brakes. Patient centring is made easy thanks to a foot-pedal that stops the table top in the desired position. On the tube support arm you can assemble a monobloc or a rotating anode X-ray tube and H.T.cables. In the IMX-22A version, the tube support arm is fixed as is the focus film distance, while in the IMX-22B release, the tube support arm is fixed but the height is variable giving a variable focal spot distance.


  • Cassette holder to be placed under table
  • Cm 35x43 potter bucky with or without grid 
  • Manual diaphragm with light 
  • Compression band
  • .